Friday, March 26, 2010

[Fells Point] Italian Graffiti

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For anyone looking for NYC-style pizza in Bmore, search no more.

My girlfriend and I went to Italian Graffiti today for a meat-free lunch. Tried the Eggplant parm pizza, white pizza, and spinach/ricotta pizza. Off-the-charts. Really friendly staff, garlic knots, good-looking calzones, salads, etc.

Now granted, if you stack it up next to Ray's Original, Original Ray's, Somewhat-Creative Ray's, I-Don't-Have-A-Creative-Bone-in-My-Body Ray's, or a host of other NY places, then no, its not going to be the same, but it is as close as I have seen here in Charm City.

No BS, good pizza, friendly (no BS) service, and a dynamite location. I will definitely be heading back. Needs online ordering/website.


  1. Thanks for the tip - will definitely check it out.

  2. Ask for whole pizzas well done, as the now four I have ordered have all been undercooked.

    The reheated slices here crisp up very nicely on the outside, while retaining some inner softness like a NY Style slice should.

    Some variances in the pizzas I've had and need to order more before getting a guage on the consistency and saying one thing or another about the place. --K